Figurative Sculpture

Figurative Sculpting: Rendering the Beauty and Complexity of the Human Body

Figurative - Athena, bronze

Figurative - Athena, bronze
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Often the term “figurative sculpture” brings to mind historical masterworks like the Venus de Milo, or Michelangelo’s stunning representations of the human form in marble. While contemporary figurative sculpture has brought about new methods and techniques for sculpting the human figure, the McLeods work within a long history of figurative sculpture in their pursuit of representational art.

The human body is a complex and beautiful machine, and to render it in all its fullness and strange beauty requires a delicate hand, a sensitive eye, and an enormous amount of technical skill. Ultimately, the artist needs a comprehensive knowledge of their medium and of human anatomy, and to master the wide variety of techniques used in figurative sculpture.

Choosing A Process

For example, lifecasting is a nearly photographic process by which a mould is made from a living subject, be it human or animal. This is a complex technique that requires patience from both the artist and the model, but the results are stunning in their accuracy and realism. This differs from more traditional sculptural methods of hand-building with clay, or creating a sculpture that is rendered in bronze through lost-wax casting.

Indoor and Outdoor Materials

Each material is suited for different sculptures and different settings. Bronze offers strength, glow, solidity, and durability. Its weather resilience makes it ideal for gardens, outdoor sculpture, and water features. Families, libraries, and universities may be interested in bronze figurative sculptures for outdoor spaces, while an individual may prefer the surface of ceramic or glass for a bust that will be located indoors. Ceramic has a beautiful earthiness and intimate presence. Glazes offer a vast swath of finished aesthetics, from matte to glossy. The McLeods can work with you to choose a material that is right for your piece.

Commissioning a Work of Figurative Sculpture

If your home, garden, or public space is yearning for a portrait to give meaning to the area and celebrate the life of a loved one, the McLeods can work with you to materialize that vision.

To schedule a commission consultation or for pricing, collaboration, or additional information, feel free to contact the McLeods directly here.