Tree of Life

Tree of Life: The Monumental and Intimate In Public Sculpture


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The beauty of public sculpture lies in its ability to create a collective experience in a public space. Throughout the McLeods’ careers, they have pushed this experience to the point of a cross-disciplinary practice that overlaps art, environmental activism, and community engagement.

The planned Tree of Life sculpture is the pièce de résistance in their oeuvre of public and monumental-scale bronze works, designed to be the world’s largest public sculpture: a massive steel and copper tree that will stand as a monument to the strength and longevity of the human spirit and humanity’s communion with the natural world. The ambitious creative vision behind the Tree of Life project transcends existing precedents for public sculpture as static or decorative: this is a vision for a work of art that is, in the truest sense of the word, alive.

The Tree of Life will be an interactive public sculpture, pulsing with the material, cultural, and economic blood of the community. Within the space of its branches, the sculpture will develop its own microbiome, generating economic output, providing a space for art education, land for agricultural development, and a habitat for local wildlife.

Just as a living tree, the Tree of Life will change with the seasons, functioning as a site for seasonal festivals and gatherings to celebrate the bonds of community, nature, and culture.

Just as a living tree, the Tree of Life will flow and blossom with the elements of the natural world: a steel skeleton, copper bark, glass elevators, ceramics blooming as artistic fruits from the earth, water flowing through slides and waterways.

Just as a living tree, the Tree of Life will create a gathering space beneath its branches for the community to break bread, share fruit, and remember our collective histories.

The sheer scale of this sculpture will make the Tree of Life a contemporary monument to humanity’s interdependence with nature and an affirmation of the love between living things. This holistic vision is an extension of the McLeods’ shared creative vision for the betterment of society through sculpture. It is the McLeods’ lifelong pursuit of their artistic philosophy that gives the Tree of Life a depth of purpose with roots extending far beyond the aesthetic level.

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