Water Features

McLeod Water Features

Water feature - life size sculpture - Portraits, children - Spirit of Reconciliation, bronze

The garden: a space so ubiquitous we can often take it for granted, yet a place with the potential to be the heart and soul of a family’s domestic sphere. It is a place of gathering, of communion, of sanctuary. A miniaturized encapsulation of the beauty of Nature.

“Though inspired by nature, it is an interpretation rather than a copy; it should appear to be natural, but it is not wild.” 1

-Garden historians David and Michigo Young

Such is the nature of the fountain: a fountain embodies all the wetness, all the blueness, all that is water as much as the vastest sea, yet contained in the space of a garden.

As is the nature of art: art is all the radiance, the joy, the light of living—the personality and character of the world, yet contained in the space of its material through the love, craftsmanship, and devotion of the artisan.

The resiliency and brilliant amber surface of bronze makes an exquisite plane for water to flow across, reflecting sunlight and the gentle sounds of water, to bring an aura of peace and calm to your home or business. This blend of the natural elements creates the ideal gathering space for your employees, customers, or family to share a moment outdoors.

Bringing The Beauty Of Water Sculpture To Your Space

The McLeods treat their work in all mediums as an extension of their philosophy of harmony between nature and artist, and devotion to the highest degree of craftsmanship. If you own a home or business that you feel could be enlivened by a bronze water feature, the McLeods are available to make commissioned sculpture for your space. For images of their past work and to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact the McLeods directly here.

  1. Young, David, and Michiko Young. The Art of the Japanese Garden. Kanagawa: Tuttle Publishing, 2012. 20.