Religious Sculpture

Axis Mundi: Religious Sculpture That Reflects The Beauty of Nature and Faith

Portraits - The Prophet, bronze

Portraits - The Prophet, bronze
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For the McLeods, sculpture is not a profession, it is a vocation.

Aden and Karena have spent much of their lives travelling the globe and pursuing the advancement of community engagement through their art, often becoming deeply immersed in the local culture of their destination. These experiences have given depth and richness to their relationship with materials and exposed them to a wide swath of different historic techniques and sculptural traditions, including religious statuary. As the fruit of their time with these religious communities, the McLeods have had the opportunity to create custom works of religious art around the globe.

The McLeods are now available to use their skills and experience to create original bronze religious statuary for your home or church. Bronze has a long tradition as a material used to honor our religious figures in the portrait form; its fluidity and warmth capturing the vibrancy of the human spirit. The durability and sheen of bronze also makes it an ideal medium for outdoor sculpture, meditation gardens, or outdoor chapels.Working in traditional techniques of lost-wax sculpture and hand-detailing, the McLeods’ technique offers detail without losing the warmth and expressivity of a human touch. Eve and Spirit of Reconciliation in the gallery below are both examples of the McLeod’s approach to bronze sculpture.

Besides bronze casting, the McLeods also work with ceramic to create a different aesthetic finish. Ceramic offers a material warmth, with its earthy tones and subtle gradations of glaze. The human touch remains especially visible in ceramic sculpture, leaving a more material trace of its creation in the surface of the piece. The McLeods also offer other sculpture in other mediums such as stainless steel and fabricated stone. If you have a vision for your sculpture in a different medium, feel free to contact the McLeods for a consultation, and they can work with you.

Religious Sculpture For Your Home or Church

If you feel that your home, garden, or church could be enlivened and enlightened by creating a space of reflection around religious sculpture, or you are interested in honoring a specific religious figure in your home or garden, Adena and Karena are available for public and private commissions. To schedule a commission consultation or for pricing and additional information, feel free to contact the McLeods directly here.