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Public and Monumental-Scale Sculpture

Monumental sculpture - Public commissions - Spirit of the Sea, bronze, Mersey River mouth, Tasmania

Monumental sculpture - Public commissions - Spirit of the Sea, bronze, Mersey River mouth, Tasmania
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Aden and Karena have spent much of their lives traveling the globe and engaging in sustainable art practices. They work with communities to engage on a public level and facilitate collaboration, interest, and education. Creating art is a way to create awareness, and to foment change.

Karena’s interest in environmental and global cultural consciousness led her to pursue activism, working with non-profits and community health organizations before turning her focus toward visual art. She has had a storied career championing for community-environment relations, environmental education, and sustainable policy development.

Karena’s experience as an activist, coupled with the McLeod’s mutual immersion in global culture as traveling artists, has informed the McLeod’s work as well as their worldview. This background has deepened their interest in using their artistic agency for the betterment of society. Through public and monumental-scale sculpture, the McLeods are increasingly interested in devoting their careers and artistic endeavors toward community engagement.

Some of their public and monumental-scale sculptures include the planned Tree of Life sculpture, a multi-media sculptural installation that fuses biology, history, and community, as well as a recent commission to produce sculpture for the Great Barrier Reef site.

Memorializing and Honoring a Vanishing Treasure

The Great Barrier Reef sculpture is integrated into the community as a site for education, as well as a place to honor the unique natural phenomenon of the reef structure. The Great Barrier Reef is an iconic Australian landmark, and holds a dear place in the hearts of the McLeods. Bronze has a long tradition as a material used to memorialize, and monumentalize, our heroes and loved ones in the portrait form, and it is in this tradition that the bronze both memorializes and honors a disappearing national treasure.

It is a bittersweet note of artistry to immortalize the reef in the durable, impervious form of bronze, as the Great Barrier Reef continues to wither in the face of climate change. “In 2014, University of Queensland reef researcher Ove Hoegh-Guldberg said scientific consensus was that hikes in carbon dioxide and the average global temperature were ‘almost certain to destroy the coral communities of the Great Barrier Reef for hundreds if not thousands of years,’” with climate change set to wreak irreversible damage by 2030 unless immediate action is taken. 1

This political and environmental engagement for the betterment of society is at the root of Aden and Karena’s lives and work. By harnessing the power of art to draw emotional engagement and public attention to the relationship between nature and humankind, the McLeods’ work seeks to create harmony between the two realms, and create increased awareness of environmental issues.

The durability of bronze makes it an ideal medium for outdoor sculpture, public works, sculpture gardens, or universities. Working in traditional techniques of lost-wax sculpture and hand-detailing, the McLeods’ technique offers detail without losing the warmth and expressivity of a human touch.

Commission a McLeod Sculpture For Your Institution

The McLeods are available for consultation to produce custom commissioned sculpture for your institution, business, or community. To schedule a commission consultation or for pricing, collaboration, or additional information, feel free to contact the McLeods directly here.

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