Remembrance In Bronze: Commissioned Portraits

Portraits - Daryl, bronze

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Throughout time, portraiture in the form of busts and statues has preserved the ideals and visages of great men and women, the fluidity and warmth of bronze mirroring the vibrancy of the human spirit. In contemporary sculpture, the tradition of portraiture lives on. Families, universities, and municipalities commission portraits of leaders and loved ones to remember the impact that they have made on our lives.

For families, commissioned sculptural portraits are a way to preserve their history for future generations and remember the genealogies. When a couple commission dual portraits for each other as gifts, or of an ancestor or family member, these sculptures then become heirlooms that are passed down generation to generation in the family, preserving both a moment of love and affection between the couple, as well as a genealogical history and tradition for their children.

For public spaces such as universities and libraries, a portrait creates a space for education and celebrates the lives of those who have contributed to our culture. It’s one thing to read about your heroes in books, but for a child to come across a sculpture of their favorite author, thinker, leader, revolutionary—the experience is personal.

Material Choices

While bronze is very popular in exterior sculpture for portraits of children or pets, the McLeods work in a wide variety of mediums and can choose something that suits the vision and feeling surrounding the subject. Bronze offers weather resilience and durability, while ceramic offers a material warmth and immediacy with its earthiness and subtle gradations of glaze. If you choose to commission a lifecast sculpture, the original mould can be used to create a final piece in stainless steel, copper, aluminum, glass—the options are nearly endless. Once the mould is produced, the piece can be reproduced in almost any medium.

The process for making sculptural portraits varies from case to case—for an ancestor or public figure the portrait will be often be made from photographs and references, while a portrait made of a living subject has the option of being lifecast.

Commissioning Memorial Sculptures as an Act of Remembrance

The McLeods specialize in bronze portraiture and also offer pet memorials, posthumous portraiture, and busts. They are happy to consult with families in-depth to decide what the ideal approach would be for your sculpture.

To schedule a commission consultation or for pricing, collaboration, or additional information, feel free to contact the McLeods directly here.