Pet Portraiture

Capturing the Essence of Animals With Bronze Portraiture


The loss of a pet can be a heart-wrenching time. All the places where they used to bask in the sun, lapping up the afternoon, or bound through the yard with the children on the weekend can seem suddenly empty without them. Our pets bring us immeasurable joy and companionship in life, and after their passing it’s only natural that we look for some way to memorialize the unconditional loyalty and friendship they have given us. A bronze portrait of your pet can capture the joy and life that they brought to your household, and honor their memory.

Bronze has a long tradition as a material used to memorialize, and monumentalize, our heroes and loved ones in the form of a portrait. From the ruins of Mesopotamia to the tombs of Chinese emperors, it has held the faces of great men and women, its fluidity and warmth capturing the vibrancy of the human spirit. It also captures the wild variety of the natural world and the luminescent, intelligent, and sensitive nature of our beloved pets.The material is known for its resilience to all climates, lustrous amber surface, and ability to hold fine detail. Its durability makes it an ideal medium for outdoor sculpture suitible for your garden, where many pet owners like to have a statue of their faithful companion. Working in traditional techniques of lost-wax sculpture and hand-detailing, the McLeods’ technique offers detail without losing the warmth and expressivity of touch.

The McLeods specialize in bronze portraiture and are available for commissions to cast bronze portraits of your pet, either as a memorial to a former companion or as a tribute to a pet that is still with you. Besides bronze casting, the McLeods also work with ceramic for statuary with a different aesthetic finish. Ceramic offers a material warmth, with its earthy tones and subtle gradations of glaze. The earthy texture of clay and human touch remains especially visible in ceramic sculpture, leaving a more material trace of its creation in the surface of the piece. The McLeods also offer other sculpture in other mediums such as stainless steel and fabricated stone. If you have a vision for your sculpture in a different medium, feel free to contact the McLeods for a consultation, and they can work with you.

Memorialize Your Pet in Bronze

If you would like to memorialize the love and loyalty of an animal companion, a sculptural portrait is the ideal form. A pet portrait becomes a treasured family heirloom for years to come. To schedule a commission consultation or for pricing, collaboration, or additional information, feel free to contact the McLeods directly here.