Monumental Bronze

Monumental Scale Sculpture: A Celebration of Ideals

Monumental sculpture - Public commissions - Spirit of the Sea, bronze, ready for installationAll sculpture could be regarded as a monument to some ideal: to beauty, to harmony, to nature, even to the love for whomever is the subject of representation. With the McLeods’ work in monumental scale bronzes, they celebrate humanity’s interdependence with nature, and celebrate art as an act of co-creation with the natural world. Their public monumental-scale bronzes create a space for the community to engage with each other and have an aesthetic experience in nature.

Sculpture With A Cause

Increasingly, the McLeods’ public works are meshed with their background and beliefs about environmental awareness, sustainable public practices, and raising awareness of the fragility of our intertwined relationship with nature. For example, some of their public bronze works are engaged with the Australian landscape. These monumental artworks create a space for education, collective awareness, and a celebration of the fragile beauty of Australia’s flora and fauna. Art’s potential to genuinely affect the hearts of communities and policymakers is not lost on the McLeods, and they seek to use their artistic agency to create a better, more conscionable engagement with the natural world.

Engaging the Public Through Outdoor Sculpture

Art’s power to engage the public also makes it a staple for outdoor spaces such as universities and libraries that want to honor the intellectual and cultural achievements of our past, while adding to that lineage with new public works. Through monumental bronze portraiture or statuary, the space of a library, public building, or university can be transformed from liminal to meditative. Sculpture creates the cornerstone around which individuals gather, histories are recalled, and new inspiration is born.

The material of bronze has a deep ombre that attracts the eye and reflects the sun, mirroring the radiance of the world around it. The material’s resiliency also makes it ideal for outdoor and public works that need to withstand the test of time. If you are interested in engaging the McLeods’ artisanry to honor and monumentalize some person, place, or ideal in your public space, they would be happy to work with you to design and realize that vision. Feel free to contact them directly for a consultation.