Life Size Bronze

Life-Size Sculpture: The Vision and the Materials

Life size bronze children - The footballers (2)

Life size bronze children - The footballers (2)
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“Life-size” means just that: something the size of life. But what a fantastic artistic challenge it is to sculpt with the largeness, the vibrancy, the radiance of life! An artist can create a human-scale portrait and call it life-sized, but the ultimate challenge in life-size art is making work with blood, heart, and personality. The McLeods take this challenge to heart in their work with life-size bronze sculpture and portraiture. The McLeods’ artistic career is the pursuit of this ideal: they work to make art that lives. They make art that is a celebration of co-creation alongside nature, that invites viewers to join in their revelation.

A Conscionable Approach to Sculpture

The McLeods’ art practice is a cross-disciplinary pursuit encompassing environmental and social activism as well as sculpture. The McLeods’ conscionable approach to materials and community is ingrained in their work with life-size bronzes, whether that approach is iterated through collaborating with charities to devote their work to worthy causes, or through the subjects and individuals they choose to represent. The McLeods approach both public and private commissions with an equal degree of artistic direction and philosophic vision.

Realizing your Vision with a Life-Size Bronze

With their work in life-size bronze portraiture, the McLeods want to invite you to join in that celebration. If you have a family member, loved one, or pet that you’d like to celebrate and honor through a life-size bronze sculpture, the McLeods would love to work with you to realize that vision.

Many clients like to capture the energy and personality of their children in life-size bronzes. The scale and the resilience of bronze in all weather conditions makes it ideal for the home garden. Pet portraiture and water features are also popular, creating an area of energy and reflection in your domestic space.

For inquiries and information about the McLeods’ work in commissioned life-size bronze portraiture, feel free to contact them directly today.