Ceramic Sculpture

Ceramic Sculpture: Creating Art from the Earth

Ceramic works - Out on a Limb, buff raku terracottaCeramics are the very body of the earth: rich, warm, fluid, and alive. In the process of becoming an art material, the earth slips and folds over itself, from fluid to rock to fluid, finally embodying the moldable semi-fluid state of clay. This malleability gives ceramic sculpture material qualities that are very similar to the human body, such as vibrance and transience. Upon firing, the form becomes fixed in its solid state. Glazes offer a wide range of finished surface qualities, from mattes to glosses, from natural terra cottas to brilliant pigments. The McLeods use ceramic for portraiture and abstract works that draw upon the material qualities of clay while impressing upon them the will of the artist and the vision of the piece.

The exchange between material, artist, and subject comes to a formally beautiful apex in the McLeods’ ceramic portraiture. The spirit of the subject is molded in the material of the clay through the vision of the artist, resulting in a sensitive, skillfully wrought encapsulation of the subject’s personality. For clients looking to commission a portrait of a family, friend, or loved one, the McLeods’ ceramic portraiture offers an heirloom with personal and emotional value today, along with sentimental and historical value for years to come.

The McLeods’ work in ceramic often goes beyond the traditional and representational, blossoming into surreal abstraction and sprawling organic forms. They envision using ceramic as a material in their monumental public Tree of Life sculpture, and they also use it for religious statuary, custom garden sculpture, pet portraiture, and public works.

The material’s versatility and warmth enrich any sculpture that it creates. If you or your family are interested in commissioning a ceramic sculpture for your home, garden, or office, feel free to contact the McLeods today for a consultation. They are happy to work with your vision and realize it in the form of a ceramic sculpture.