Artist close up

For the McLeods, sculpture is not a profession, it is a vocation.

Aden and Karena McLeod  have spent much of their lives traveling the globe, using their artistic agency to better society and to promote community engagement with the natural world. Their work together draws upon Karena’s background as an activist with a storied career in environmental education and community health, as well as Aden’s background in traditional sculptural techniques. Through their travels, the McLeods have been immersed in cultures and sculptural traditions from around the world, which informs their work in both bronze and ceramic.

Aden and Karena work across many sculptural media but focus primarily on ceramic and bronze. In addition to the work represented in the photo gallery (coming soon), Aden and Karena are also open to making custom sculpture for corporate, community, or private commissions.

Bronze sculpture has a storied history as a material used to memorialize, and monumentalize, our heroes, our loved ones, even our religious icons, in the portrait form. From the ruins of Mesopotamia to the tombs of Chinese emperors, it has held the faces of great men and women, its fluidity and warmth capturing the vibrancy of the human spirit. The material is known for its resilience to all climates, lustrous amber surface, and ability to hold fine detail. Its durability makes it an ideal medium for outdoor sculpture, public works, sculpture gardens, or family gifts.

Life size sculpture - The Queen Mother, bronze (2)Cast Bronze Sculpture Brings Memory To Life

This material comes to life in the McLeod’s sculpture, both as portraiture and abstraction. For anyone looking to commission a new family heirloom, a community landmark, or celebrate a hero, a unique or limited-edition sculpture crafted in collaboration with the McLeods is the ideal solution. Working in traditional techniques of lost-wax sculpture and hand-detailing, the McLeod’s sculpture holds detail without losing the warmth and expressivity of a human touch.
Eve and Spirit of Reconciliation in the gallery below are both examples of the McLeod’s approach to bronze sculpture.

Besides bronze casting, the McLeods also work with ceramic for statuary with a different aesthetic finish. Ceramic offers a material warmth with its earthy tones and subtle gradations of glaze. The human touch remains especially visible in ceramic sculpture, leaving a more material trace of its creation in the surface of the piece. Ceramic has its own rich material history, from ceremonial vessels to the renowned terracotta army of Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang. The McLeods’ ceramic work spans the material’s aesthetic range, from the wildly imaginative and surreal to the representational. Some examples of ceramic portraiture can be seen in the photo gallery, including Mickey Nothing and The Elder. The McLeods also offer other sculpture in other mediums such as stainless steel and fabricated stone. If you have a vision for your sculpture in a different medium, feel free to contact the McLeods for a consultation, and they can work with you.

Commissioning A McLeod Sculpture

The McLeods create unique or limited-edition works, depending on the nature of the project. Selected works in the photo gallery are available for purchase. To schedule a commission consultation or for pricing, collaboration, or additional information, feel free to contact the McLeods directly here.