Form and Function: Beautiful and Artistic Handmade Furniture To Celebrate Nature

The McLeods’ collection of handmade furniture is an extension of their artistic and sculptural practice of finding the beauty in the natural world and drawing it to the surface. Each piece is handcrafted from sustainably sourced or salvaged Australian timber, and the intrinsic beauty of these materials is accentuated in the design and craftsmanship of each piece.

The solid presence of each piece of furniture offers a material warmth, especially when coupled with the rich auburn and gentle gold tones of the polished wood. The solidity of form and construction is offset by delicate natural edges such as that of the Mango bed, and intricate, almost ornamental detailing that gives the furniture an airy quality, such as the finely wrought spiral legs of the Rose Gum dining table. The overall warmth, attention to detail, and reverent treatment of surface bring an aura of love and care into the spaces that the furniture occupies.

When purchasing a piece of contemporary furniture, many shoppers have an abstract relationship with the materials’ histories that they are purchasing along with their furniture. In the McLeods’ furniture, this history is poetically woven into the design and construction of each chair or table, and lain across the surface in the delicate lines of its finely polished grain.

For the conscious shopper that values craftsmanship and sustainability, these handmade pieces will be a meaningful addition to the home. Feel free to browse the furniture gallery, and to speak with the McLeods about commissioning or purchasing custom furniture, contact us by email here.