Teaching & Workshops

The Artist In You: Sculpture Workshops From Aden McLeod

Aden McLeod is an experienced teacher, drawing on his extensive real-world experience in the field of bronze statuary. Aden works with students from beginning to advanced skill levels across a variety of sculptural media. The spirit of his workshops is collaborative and engaging. His passion for drawing people into the spirit of art-making often effuses into spontaneous, interactive sculpture, and all forms of community engagement. It is not unusual for students to get involved with collective live-video performances and public works. It all begins with sculpture, however, and with what students are taught by one of the world’s masters of the form.

Some examples of the sculpture courses and workshops held by Aden:

  • Introductory courses in sculpture
  • Clay portraiture
  • Life-size sculpture
  • Mould-making
  • Lost-wax bronze casting

Aden tailors the content and length of a class or workshop to suit the target audience, keeping in mind the age, context, and skill level of the workshop and its participants. In addition to his extensive technical ability in both ceramic and bronze sculpture, Aden also offers a socially conscious approach to teaching that stems from his work as an environmental and community activist alongside his wife Karena.

For information and inquiries regarding booking and pricing, please feel free to contact the McLeods by email here.


As an artist-in-residence, Aden has spent time working closely with the community at outback galleries, private colleges, and aboriginal communities. As a flamboyant performance artist and engaging personality, Aden draws his community into the joy and wonder of art-making, gleefully standing at the crux of maker, social activist, and performer.

Some of his residencies include:

  • Eltham College of Education, Melbourne
  • Manyallaluk Aboriginal Community, Northern Territory
  • Guyala Arts & Crafts, Yarrabah, Queensland
  • Birmingham Youth Centres, Birmingham, UK
  • Hyatt Regency Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The experience of community and collaboration that Aden has gained in these residencies informs his work as a teacher and as an artist. To contact Aden with inquiries about working as an artist-in-residence or on public collaborative projects, feel free to contact us here.