Charity, NGOs

The McLeods’ Background in Activism

Karena McLeod, an Australian native, finished high school in Townsville, proceeded to receive training as a nurse, then went on to work internationally for over a decade. Her interest in global culture, public health, and environmental consciousness led to a career working with non-profits and community health organizations. She worked closely with the volunteer group Youth Challenge, developing eco-tourism and community health projects in Costa Rica, and eventually took the leadership position of Vice President in the Australian branch of the organization.

Karena has been an activist for community-environment relations, environmental education, and sustainable policy development. In Sydney, she was involved in organizing community environmental events, including:

  • National celebration of Ocean Care Day
  • Community stormwater projects
  • Wetland rehabilitation
  • Wildlife protection
  • Waste management

After meeting Aden and overlapping her life of activism with Aden’s lifelong experience in bronze sculpture, their work has become a cross-disciplinary engagement with art, environment, and community. The symbiotic strength of their skills and beliefs is reflected in their shared creative, political, and environmental vision. Increasingly, the McLeods are interested in devoting their careers to public and charitable work and working with NGOs to support the collective good through their artistic agency.

Commissioning a Piece For Your Space

If you are interested in collaborating with Aden and Karena to create custom commissioned bronze sculpture for your charity or NGO, or are interested in learning more about their ongoing practice of community engagement, feel free to contact the McLeods directly here.