Feeling Stressed? A Water Sculpture Might Be Just the Solution to Creating a Peaceful Home

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A water sculpture can provide a sense of calm and peace in your home or garden. | Image Source: Flickr User kristoffer m.c.
A water sculpture can provide a sense of calm and peace in your home or garden. | Image Source: Flickr User kristoffer m.c.

When I’m feeling stressed, even the simplest tasks start to feel difficult. Things as small as responding to an email or buying groceries can feel like insurmountable barriers to reaching some peace and quiet on the other side of a mountainous to-do list. And as our world grows ever more chaotic, interconnected, and demanding, our stress levels seem to be reaching a maximum.

We travel the world to relax and unwind on pristine beaches and at spas, but we often forget the potential to create relaxing environments in our own homes. When you’re battling stress, it becomes more important than ever that your home offers a peaceful respite from a chaotic world. One of the simplest ways to do this is by adding the element of water to your home. Water features are proven to alleviate the physical effects of stress and can improve your emotional state, and a home water sculpture can be a touchstone of peace that keeps you physically and emotionally healthy.

Maximize Your Well-Being by Harnessing the Healing Powers of Water

Two in five working Australians — or 45% — cite the workplace as a key stressor in their lives.1 Americans also report rising stress levels, with Carnegie-Mellon University researchers reporting that our self-reported levels of stress are up 10-30% in the last three decades.2 Considering that stress is a serious health concern known to aggravate anxiety, depression, heart disease, memory, and concentration, it’s far past time to take action. Developing a conscious space in your home to relax can reclaim your health and nurture the rich inner emotional landscape that grows when it’s given the space and clarity it needs.

The power of water in healing can seem mysterious, but it appears throughout history as a vital element in healing and cleansing. Our body has equally deep-rooted memories of water as a source of comfort and calm. “Our first relationship was with water,” says Sandra Ingerman, author of Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins. “Most of us receive comfort from water.”3

By accessing that emotional memory, water can take us away from the immediate, transient stressors that tend to latch onto the forefront of our consciousness. The sounds and sights of water are grounding and immediate as you become aware and present in the space around you. This unity can relax the body and separate you from your everyday anxieties, allowing you to enter a calm state that facilitates healing.

Negative Ionization May Be the Key to Water’s Healing Properties

Naturally, scientists have long been captivated by water and its healing properties. Through clinical studies, scientists like Dr. Alpert P. Krueger have found that flowing water releases negative ions that are shown to have positive, stress-reversing effects. Dr. Krueger, who studied the effects of negative ionization at the University of California, found that negative ions released by falling water kill airborne germs; research shows that flu patients recover more quickly when exposed to negative ions.4

The negatively charged particles in water positively affect your mood by raising serotonin levels, alleviating depression and stress, and boosting your daily energy. Considering the soothing effects of falling water on one’s brain chemistry, it comes as no surprise that poets like Rainer Maria Rilke and Mary Oliver have celebrated it throughout time as a well of the infinite and a mirror of internal calm.

How to Integrate a Water Sculpture into Your Home

There are some considerations to make before you decide to integrate a water sculpture into your home. Be cognizant of the different sounds and background noise around you home, and find a space in your home or garden where the sound of your water sculpture fits smoothly into the environment. By choosing an appropriate spot, the water feature can help create a new, more peaceful melody that fills your mind, allowing your brain to calm down from the frantic 120 BPM pace that we so often maintain during our work day.

Be mindful to maximize the health benefits of your water sculpture by choosing a location where it can easily be integrated into your daily lifestyle. If you’re not an outdoor person, don’t commission an outdoor sculpture where you won’t be able to fully enjoy it. If you prefer to relax after work in the living room, consider an indoor water sculpture in the living room. By tailoring a location for the sculpture that compliments your existing routine, you can more easily redirect your daily routine toward stress relief and meditative time.

Getting Started: Consult an Experienced Artist

Before planning your interior or exterior water sculpture, find an experienced sculpture artist that can help you create a personalized piece to suit both the style of your home and your criteria for a relaxing experience. The McLeods have been working with Australian homes and businesses for years to create custom bronze works and water sculptures. If you’re ready to harness the healing power of water in your home, we can help you get started. Contact us today for a consultation.

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